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Looking to increase strength and improve flexibility? This class teaches you deep and dynamic stretching combined with high energy cardio for an intense workout. Implementing the interval training technique, each class uses recovery periods to work on muscle and tissue elasticity. Multiple variations are given so that you can focus on your own progress. We target hamstrings, shoulders, abdominals and gluts by combining aerobics, yoga, dance, and even a little twerking! Come to get Flexy and Fit - leave feeling amazing!



5:30pm - 6:30pm

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Aerial Silks 2!

This 6 week silks series is designed to help you continue to learn the foundations of working with aerial fabric. Intro to Aerial silks 1 is a prerequisite for this series. Classes will focus on climbs, locks, wraps and other skills to build confidence, strength and flexibility. Cool down will include aspects of aerial yoga utilizing the silks. Classes are 1.5 hours. *Note: Once you have completed the prerequisite introductory silks series 1 and 2, and are confident in the basic skills required to manipulate the aerial fabrics, come join us in Open Silks. This class is included in your membership or with your drop in pass, provided the prerequisite series have been completed. Combine moves together and continue building your repertoire as the instructor introduces new moves.


Sep. 5th to Oct. 10th

8:00 - 9:30pm

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