Specialty Classes

Gymnasti-Pole - Levels Int.+

This class focuses on the gymnastic element of pole, designed to help you learn foundation moves from the gymnastic world. Moves include progressions for: chest stands, elbow stands, somersaults, handstands, cartwheels and bridges. Using variations on the wall, floor and pole these basic moves build to handsprings, walkovers and flips! This class is for levels INTERMEDIATE or higher as you must be comfortable with inversions. Not comfortable yet upside down? Also try our Acrobatics class!

Pole Transitions and Flow - Levels Beg. +

Sometimes our feet have to touch the floor! This ALL LEVELS class develops your dancing expression, fluidity, technique and timing, challenging you in a variety of styles. Combinations will focus on dance movement and floor work. Variations on spins and tricks will help you personalize each combination to your skill level.

Advanced Sexy Pole - All Levels

This class teaches you to move with fluidity, ease and assertiveness. You will learn how to exaggerate each and every movement that your body makes by focusing on transitions and floor work. Variations on spins and simple tricks will help you personalize your dance routines and get the most out of your freestyle and pole jam sessions. Please wear leg warmers/thigh highs/knee pads as needed. Heels are encouraged :) Come get an amazing workout and discover your confident sexy side! Prerequisite: Beginner Sexy Pole Series

Mommy & Me

Are you home with your little one(s) all day? Do you want to exercise but can't quite find time for yourself? You'll love our Mommy and Me class! This weekly drop-in is everything you need - equal parts conditioning for postpartum bodies, pole instruction and social hour. This time is yours, whether exercising, socializing, nursing/feeding, playing or napping.

Special Drop-In Pricing: $5 Member, $15/1 class OR $60/5 class Non-Member
Mommies should be at least 6 weeks post-partum and have received their doctors' permission to resume exercise. Little ones ages 6 weeks to 4 years welcome.