Specialty Classes

Stretch - All Levels

Our stretch class uses traditional dancer stretching designed to help you increase your flexibility and range of movement. Classes begin with a warm-up then progress through a series of static and dynamic stretches designed to increase your range of movement and elongate muscles in your entire body. Using the floor, wall, pole, and a partner for some stretches to get a deeper stretch. A portion of the class is dedicated to improving splits, as well as back and shoulders for those back bending pole moves!

Gymnasti-Pole - All Levels

This class focuses on the gymnastic element of pole, designed to help you learn foundation moves from the gymnastic world. Basic moves include: chest stands, elbow stands, somersaults, handstands, cartwheels and bridges. Using variations on the wall, floor and pole these basic moves build to handsprings, walkovers and flips!

Contemporary Pole - All Levels

Contemporary dance is a mix of ballet, modern and jazz styles. This class develops your dancing expression, fluidity, extension and timing. Routines will focus on dance movement and floor work. Variations on spins and simple tricks will help you personalize each routine to your skill level and dance style. Come and experience this popular dance style!

Advanced Sexy Pole

This class teaches you to move with fluidity, ease and assertiveness. You will learn how to exaggerate each and every movement that your body makes by focusing on transitions and floor work. Variations on spins and simple tricks will help you personalize your dance routines and get the most out of your freestyle and pole jam sessions. Please wear leg warmers/thigh highs/knee pads as needed. Heels are encouraged :) Come get an amazing workout and discover your confident sexy side! Prerequisite: Beginner Sexy Pole Series

Boot Camp - All Levels

This class focuses on getting you stronger to master your pole moves! Designed to give you a full body butt kick through circuits using your body weight, the pole, a partner and more! Trying to improve or master a specific move? From Inverted V to Iron-X and so much more, try our pole trick circuits to help you build specific muscle groups for targeted moves.