Intermediate Classes

Pole Intermediate 201

This class features an even more challenging warm up and tricks, and a full length routine. Tricks include combination spins with Spiral, Caterpillar, Butterfly, Flatline, Starfish, Teddy, Martini, Handstands, Stargazer, Helicopter, Hood Ornament and more!

Pole Intermediate 202

This class is going to test your strength and your pain tolerance with tricks such as Superman, Shoulder Mount, Air Invert, Yogini, Knee Hold, Bow and Arrow, Pencil, Crescent, Cupid, Jade, Climbing Caterpillar, and many combinations using Scorpio, Gemini, Flatline, and Butterfly. Many more tricks and a full routine is also featured.

Spinning Pole Intermediate

This is a spinning pole class and will challenge you by trying all your tricks from Pole Intermediate on a spinning pole plus a few new tricks that are specific to spinning pole such as Vortex, and Upside down Vomitron.